Strive Masiyiwa: That is not good advice.

    By Strive Masiyiwa

    That is not good advice.

    When we were little, we were taught by our parents and teachers not to cry or complain if we had bruises or pain, but to “be strong and tough it out”. There are many people in Africa who carry this advice into adulthood, but actually this is NOT good advice!

    If you feel pain in your body of any kind, you must have it looked at by a qualified health practitioner or physician, because pain is the body’s way of warning you that something serious may be happening.

    Research shows [for instance] that the number of African women who get some cancers like Cervical Cancer or even Breast Cancer is statistically the same as other races, but more African women end up dying. The reason is that our women leave it too late before having it checked or attended to.

    I remember an incident with my father-in-law: We were discussing the Bible early one morning whilst he was visiting us. I noticed that he kept hiccupping and I asked him how long it had been, to which he said several days.

    With him protesting, we took him to see the doctor. They admitted him for checks. He had stage 4, Prostate Cancer, common in elderly black men. It was almost too late to treat, because it turned out that it had been there for a long time. By God’s Grace we were able to get him treated and he lived another 5 years.

    If someone is feeling pain or discomfort, never allow them to say, “It’s nothing; it will go away in a few days.” That is just simply dangerous. Encourage them or even arrange for them to see a doctor or nurse at a health clinic.

    Your elderly parents and relatives are your responsibility. You must act like a modern educated person and attend to them without relying on old wives’ tales for treatment. Getting them regularly checked every year is total wisdom. Don’t let them be afraid of annual check ups. And that goes for you, too.

    If you are a young woman, it is smart, very smart, to always have regular screening for Cervical and Breast Cancer. You are never too young to avoid serious illness. If you feel pains of any kind, or something unusual, get it checked out. I know some of you will rightly say that health costs are high and medical facilities are often far away and ill equipped. This can and must change. Are you the one to help lead the way in your community?

    Today [12 August] is International Youth Day. Most of you on the platform fall into that age group but this goes for everyone. Listen to me: All the dreams you have as entrepreneurs depend on you making wise and informed choices every day, including about your health and nutrition [what you eat and drink every day]. It is also your responsibility to help older generations on this, as they may not have access to all the credible, factual information you do.

    You can lose loved ones easily if you pretend things are okay, when they are not!

    Get it checked. Be smart.

    Image caption/credit: I have no idea why this eagle is doing a flip, but if you are an eagle entrepreneur in our current storms, you need to be right side up, strong and as healthy as possible!


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