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    Most people complain they don’t have opportunities in life, but the reality is they don’t notice those staring right in front of them”…

    This week I’m still really busy so I am going to continue to share some things I wrote here to you last year, just as our world was plummeting into one of our most challenging chapters in history. I want you to understand why I am sharing these again: I can write words here but it’s up to YOU and only YOU to take action. Who remembers when I wrote this:

    “If your goal is anything but profitability – if it’s to be big, or to grow fast, or to become a technology leader – you’ll hit problems”. Prof Michael Porter

    If you are using investor money “your goal has to be profitability”. Unless you can demonstrate to investors that your goal is profitability, they will not invest!

    You cannot walk to an investor and say: “My goal is to create value, and profitability comes later.” They will say to you: “Do it with your own money, and come back to us later…”

    That is what I would also say. Now does that mean that investors are not interested in “value creation”? Yes, they are, but only from those whose goal is “profitability”!

    Deep calling to deep!

    Mutale Mulenga wrote (January 2020),

    If you are in tech. Listen to Business Wars. Facebook vs Snapchat. Am enjoying it and learning.

    My reply,

    I prefer that you don’t pick and choose what to listen to, but listen to every single one, at least twice!

    This is the only way you are going to capture the core principles:

    #1. How it was an entrepreneur just like you, who started the biggest businesses in the world.

    #2. How they developed a single #Innovation, and were then propelled by #Competitors to keep Innovating.

    #3. Competition has been a secret ingredient in driving businesses to #Innovate.

    #4. #Innovation on its own will not work without powerful #Marketing strategies.

    #5. I want you to see the way money is raised to build businesses.

    Things like Stock Exchanges are discussed over and over again.

    These Business Wars podcasts capture in dramatic ways things I have been teaching for years!

    I really, really need everyone to listen to this free information. [You can find 356 episodes, all on #SasaiPodcasts, but that is NOT why I am telling you about them!!]

    If you are really serious, listen to the whole [free] Business Wars series. You might think some of these companies are so huge they couldn’t possibly be relevant to your challenges as an entrepreneur in your little company… But think again!

    Now if you don’t want to take the time to listen to all these episodes with pen and paper in hand {via whichever platform you choose], I don’t think you should consider yourself serious about being an entrepreneur. That’s okay: Just make another plan but don’t fool yourself or waste anyone’s time or investment money.

    __You don’t have to agree with all the various strategic decisions these successful [and sometimes failed] entrepreneurs make in the Business Wars episodes, but take the time to listen and LEARN from them. What worked? What didn’t? Any lessons learned for you and your team?

    Homework for those of you who are my best students so far: Tell me what you have learned on Business Wars that has been most valuable to you. #SeniorClass, please help guide the #JuniorClass here.

    Image credit: JodiCobb, @National Geo.

    “The more you learn, the more opportunities you have.
    If you want to continue to succeed, never stop learning. Most people complain they don’t have opportunities in life, but the reality is they don’t notice those staring right in front of them”. Fayaz King

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