NIGERIA: Brutality, Police, LNSC operatives beats and dehumanize Uber driver at Lekki tollgate

    Police and Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps (LNSC) operatives brutalized an Uber driver during the End SARS protest at the Lekki toll gate.

    The victim was wounded with blood on his face and arm.

    The citizen had his phone and a car key as he cried out against the use of force against him.

    Security agents tried to force him into a Black Maria but he refused, insisting he did nothing wrong.

    “Please sir, my name is Adedotun Clement”, he replied to the question of an officer.

    “Please sir, I don’t want to enter this thing. My family members have not entered it before.

    “I don’t cause trouble. I’m an Uber driver, they seized my car. I did not do anything.”

    As two men continued to manhandle the injured man, people around begged them to stop the assault.

    It is unclear if Clement is one of those CP Hakeem Odumosu ordered their release during his visit to Lekki.

    The police fired tear gas at intervals to stop the crowds from massing. Other parts of Lagos are calm although there is tension in some areas.

    Kelly Donald
    Kelly Donald
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