Building a brand that stands out isn’t a small task, but knowing how to start the process is a step in the right direction.

    Follow these steps to start your brand unlocking process.

    1. You can only build on what you’ve discovered. A simple way to arriving at your uniqueness is take a conscious analysis at the intersection of your passion, potential and personality.

    Your passion is an area of (level one) interest (level two) obsession (level three) overbearing obsession that you have towards something or to do something.

    Your passion gives you clue to your potential- which is an inherent ability, capacity or endowment. Invariably this is one of your tools of power in its raw state.

    Your personality is the creative combination of traits, qualities, characters, likes and dislikes that makes you exceptionally unique. It helps you decode your natural habitat, how you function as a unique individual.

    1. Be heard Continuously! Faith comes by hearing (first hearing) and hearing (continuous hearing)…what people continuously hear you talk about will determine what they believe about you..what they hear you talk often helps to establish your brand. What’s your message?
    2. If you must be believed, you have to show up believably. When content is established and verified packaging is allowed.
    3. Skill and delivery is not the same. Every skill needs a system to deliver. You can be gifted and depressed if you don’t know how to q or attach yourself within a system. Talent is never enough!
    4. Position for the global market. The power of a brand is in its global appeal. When you pass the test of locality you must engage yourself for universality. This is beyond earning in foreign currency or in dollars as many would advise you to. This is about raising yourself or business as a global head. It will take time, but it remains a test you must pass.
    5. Speak with a brand Strategist. A strategist helps you get started in the right direction.

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    CJ BENJAMIN is a brand strategist and tech consultant helping people, businesses and organizations build worldclass brands at the intersection of people, process, product, perception and profit.

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