Handling objections is one of the most important skills in business which every entrepreneur needs to learn especially if you’re selling high ticket products like real estate.

    A client will be all serious from the beginning to buy a property, ask you a lot of questions, go with you for site inspection, saw the property, loved it and promised to make payment the next day.

    Then he reaches home and start calling a lot of his friends and family members to seek for advice and opinions.

    From experience, 99 percent of the advice they receive from this people are negative and discouraging advice.

    Any clients that want to buy something and start involving his family and friends to seek advice is not a serious client.

    You will be on your own, they call in declaring serious interest to buy. After giving all the information, they still go home to seek for advice from relatives who has not clue on what he is going into.

    Shockingly enough this client who recieved all the information about the product first hand and was convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that the product is exactly what he or she needs will go home and believe his friend or family member who didn’t get the information with him or have no clue about the product.

    This woke third party has never bought any land before and is dishing advice like a pro and this client believes him.

    Someone who said he was going to pay today started having cold feet tomorrow and changes his mind.

    Then later problems come and he spends the money on it without investment.

    Sometimes I feel like to leave this clients who are not serious, who after listening to me went home to listen to someone who has no clue of my products and the offers I have.

    But on a second thought, I said thats unprofessional of me. Selling is about helping people to make a good decision that will be of their best interest.

    Imagine someone I love is very sick and wants to die and I have a medicine I believe strongly that will save him. I tried to sell him that product but he listen to ignorant people who discourage him from buying it. Will I give up on him? No. If I do that and he dies, what will be my gain? I will blame myself for giving up.

    But how long should we follow up an indecisive client?

    A client who says yes today and changes his mind tomorrow. Next tomorrow he says yes again and if you ask him to pay he starts calling his village people again.

    Sometimes they go online to seek for more information why they shouldn’t buy.

    Let me say one obvious thing. EVERY INDUSTRY HAS A NEGATIVE REPORT ONLINE.

    For example, if you ask Google, Is school a scam? You will see over 20 articles that tells you that school is a scam. And if you believe that you will probably drop out of school or will not send your children to school.

    If you also ask Google if bank is scam, you will also see very convincing articles that justify that claim.

    Ask if Network marketing or crypto currency is scam, you will have high PB from results that will pup up.

    I have seen articles condemning personal development industry.
    What about real estate? Digital marketing? Employment jobs? E commerce?

    Every industry has elements of negative reports about them.

    All you should find out is the authority of the source and the results they have.

    Online is a dumping ground for everybody.

    Be careful what you believe.

    Anyone can write article and post in their blog. And when you read it you believe it without a second thought.

    Online contents are personal opinions of individuals. It is not from God. It is not sacrosanct. Its not the whole truth. It’s not final.

    Back on the topic,

    How much patience should we have for annoying clients? Clients who wont buy and who won’t leave you alone.

    They keep calling and asking a lot of same questions you have already provided the answer countless times.

    How many times have our fearful family and friends rob us of fantastic opportunity to invest on our future due to fear of losing your money which you’re definitely going to lose if you don’t invest.

    Do not let ignorant cowards be an authority over your life.

    Family and friends are good people. They love you to death. But they are not authorities. They are emotionally connected to you and so are not qualified to give you financial advice especially when you’re about taking huge risk.

    Tell your aged mother you want to invest 50 million naira in bitcoin and try to explain what bitcoin and blockchain technology means…then listen to what she will tell you.

    It will definitely be ‘HELL NO! SOMETHING YOU’RE NOT SEEING. NO’

    She will go ahead to tell you to give her the money to keep for you since you don’t know what to do with money. If you do, your younger siblings may have problems and your mum will use your money to settle them and you still lose.

    Thats what happens when we seek financial or investment advice from family and friends.

    Also remember, immediately you have money, all your friends and family members become automatic financial advisers. They will tell you what to do with your own money.

    Here is my ten cent advice when it comes to investing, and it was given to me by George S Clason, the author of The Richest Man in Babylon: Seek advice ONLY from those who are competent through their EXPERIENCE.

    Are you in business? Do you sell products?
    Have you experienced annoying indecisive clients or customers? Let me hear your experience in the comments.

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