How To Deploy Branding Practically As A System For Your Business

    By Cj Benjamin

    CJ Benjamin – Lead Strategist, The Brand Room Inc.

    Helping business and organizations relatively in more than 5 countries develop and engineer branding and strategy, I’ve come to appreciate the vast nature of branding as a principle and most importantly as a SYSTEM.

    In the domain of strategy, we see branding as a system, and as a system it has components.

    IF you want to build a brand that pack an emotional wallop, you must deploy system thinking in branding your business.

    System thinking will help you avoid wasted time, money, and other resources. It will help you design solutions and solve problems from the ground up!

    NOTE: It’s not enough to say that branding is not logo design. What is branding then and how can you practically apply it? The 6 P’S OF BRANDING Helps you dissect this.

    P.S: Branding is a system that helps you SHAPE your business, brand, service, product or personality to INFLUENCE perception for profitability.

    1. Purpose: Articulate the purpose of your brand. Brand purpose is the concept, idea and inspiration behind the creation and development of a particular brand.

    This determines product or service type, perception metrics, pricing, audience, process of delivery, marketing strategy and sales model.

    1. People: Consciously Articulate your people-Audience. This will help you and your organization create relative product, relative marketing strategy, relative pricing as well as product perception.

    At the centre of every business, service or product are ‘people’. You must create means to deliver at a level people can appreciate and be grateful for.

    1. Product: Product articulation draws it’s strength from
      (a) Data: You must create data driven product-research is critical here
      (b) Cravings: You must develop product based on peoples dreams and cravings!
      (c) Ideology: Most products you know about are ideologically driven. beyond the fancy brand assets, there is an underlining philosophy behind them. Most products are deployed through the lens of psychology; some are 1: Lust of the eyes 2: Lust of the flesh 3: Pride of life.

    Use them with caution and be ideal!

    1. Process: Determine how to deliver value. Once you meet the demand of product creation, how do you deliver it to your customers? Another dynamism to process is how you actually create the product and meet the actual need intended. These must be articulated.
    2. Perception: Perception is what people think about you- as a service, product or personality. Perception drives sales.

    The reason why you are paid $100 and another is paid $10,000 to execute same task in the same craft is justified by an economic asset called perception.

    Perception is an economic asset.

    1. Profit: Branding matter-of-factly, must articulate profit as a component dynamism to a successful product creation. If not, the brand and branding will fail.

    When you start making profit, make sure you don’t fail the people. Appreciate them by sticking to or surpassing your brand promise.

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    CJ BENJAMIN is a brand strategist and tech consultant helping people, businesses and organizations build worldclass brands at the intersection of people, process, product, perception and profit.

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