Obi Cubana Shares Amazing Nuggets

    Early This morning the billionaire business man and founder Cubana Group took to his social media handles to share amazing nuggets for his youthful followers

    ”Love is a set of emotions & behaviors characterized by intimacy, passion and commitment.

    The topic of love is vast & cannot be exhausted on this page.

    1 Corinthians 13 clearly explains what LOVE stands for.

    A lot of authors have written about Love.

    A lot of movie producers have also produced movies about love.

    A lot of preachers have preached about love.

    I believe that Love remains the strongest force in the world.

    Love remains the greatest gift ever!

    Love is the only powerful element that can HEAL the world.

    Love is light.

    Love is power.

    Love reveals and Love unifies.

    For love we live and die.

    This force explains everything & gives meaning to Life.

    Unfortunately, we have ignored this variable for too long.

    Probably because it’s the only energy that man has not learnt to drive at will.

    Each of us carries within us, a small but powerful generator of love because the one who created us is Love & we are made in His image.

    When we learn to give & receive this universal energy, we would have affirmed that Love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything.

    Love remains the only universal language that cuts across all human race & time.

    Imagine what 7 billion humans could achieve if we all loved each other?

    Love your brother as yourself.

    Love your staff, your colleague, your neighbor, even strangers!

    The world would definitely be a better place to live!

    If you speak with tongues of angels & men, have gifts of prophecy…even give all your wealth to the poor but have no LOVE…you are nothing! 1 Corinth 13.

    Let’s embrace LOVE!

    Nothing goes deeper than Love.

    May we love, and be loved this week and always.

    Have a blessed and lovely week!”

    Source: Obi Cubana

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