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    Train yourself for what really matters, because it is not going to be something you will enjoy, at first.

    I will never forget the first time I had to fast; by the end of the day, it felt like I was going to faint! Then I trained myself to fast for up to three days; I ended up just lying on the couch!

    Within a few short months, I had trained myself to enjoy fasting, and found myself living “a fasted life”— I could go for weeks!

    So back to everyday things:

    A Pastor friend once said to me: “It only takes 21 days to make a habit stick. Give yourself good habits.”What do you read [that is, if you like to read at all)?

    ou can train yourself—30 minutes every day—reading a serious book. Before long, you will be an avid reader!I read a brief article a while back, for example, which said the essential part of being a good mentor is asking the right questions. [I’ll put the link below]. As I know some of you in both the #Junior and #SeniorClasses are now also mentoring others, I am going to share some key questions they said mentors should ask.

    Let’s talk…

    What Does Success Look Like To You?

    What Is The Outcome You Want?

    What Do You Want To Be Different In Three To Five Years?

    What Are The Obstacles You’re Facing?

    What Can You Control?

    What Are The Options You’ve Come Up With?

    “Tell Me More” [you’ll have to read the article] and finally, no surprises here…

    What Are You Reading?

    I didn’t need to read that article to know these are good questions, but I thought most of you would find it useful and interesting. I’d probably add a few more questions like:

    What do you watch on TV? On YouTube?

    What newspapers do you have on your phone?

    How many sport games will you watch this weekend? Can you reduce them, and use the time for something else?

    Do you have the discipline for these small changes?“

    If you have been wearied by the footman what will you do about the horseman?”

    Don’t be overcome by smaller challenges of life; prepare yourself to deal with the true challenges!

    Image caption: @yswildlifephotography When I first started this platform back in 2013, most of you were cubs, just getting started. Now look where some of you are! Even if you’re still a cub in experience, you have a #LionMindset. You are #SolutionSeekers hunting… for opportunity to #Innovate and to create profitable businesses.

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