Leke Alder: The Journey

    Written By Leke Alder

    If there’s nothing I’ve learnt in life it is to respect other people’s journey. Life journeys are never smooth. They take us through undulating topographies, some harrowing.

    I remember waking up one faithful morning during NYSC with facial paralysis. This was right after Law School. I was barely twenty-one. That was the end of law for me.

    I could not talk. Advocates talk. When I attempted to talk my mouth became a mathematical diagram, like a gruesome rendition of Pythagoras Theorem. As it turned out the nerve controlling the left side of my face was dead. The doctors told me, and I read the medical journals myself, there was no known cause and no known cure for the disease.

    It was a musterion. It would take faith to resurrect that nerve and it took all of six months, six months of acute believing. As I grew older I passed through even more horrific experiences – experiences that make life seem like a hurriedly scripted Nollywood movie. Life took on a bizarre dramatic licence.

    We’re all on a journey and there are different journeys in life. Some have passed through the deep sunless valley of the shadow of death. For some love has turned sour, like a bitter leaf no one can account for in the Garden of Eden. Some are agonising over their children. And yet for some the difficulty is economic. Some can’t even share their story.

    The journey is not all about difficulties however. It is also about triumphs, about the loyalty of God, the faithfulness of God. If we don’t talk about these we tell an incomplete story.

    We need to respect each other’s journey. We may all be in the present but we came by different routes. And some terrains are not for the fainthearted. Respect the journey.

    Source: Leke Alder

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