A flawed Educational System

    Written By Joyce Paulsen Kenneth

    I feel so burdened about the educational system in Nigeria

    Interacting with graduates daily has revealed the flawed system that we operate

    The word education comes from the following Latin words:

    Educare which means to nourish or to bring up

    Educere which means to lead forth or draw out

    -Educatum which implies a movement from inward to outward

    In summary, real education ought to train the mind to think constructively and creatively and to draw out the potentials (hidden or dormant abilities) in a person

    But this is clearly not the case of the Nigerian educational system

    Our current educational system is designed to do the following:

    1. To make a person dependent and not self-reliant
    2. Limits a person’s mind rather than liberate it
    3. Focuses on obsolete facts rather than progressive knowledge and discoveries
    4. Forces into a person rather than draw out the wisdom in them
    5. Makes a person focus on survival rather than significance
    6. Rather than become a problem solver, most graduates become societal problems and problem creators

    The impact of this is huge as we all are forced to go through these systems one way or the other

    But here is the good news

    No matter the flawed nature of our educational system, YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR EDUCATION.

    Education is not a 4,5 or even a 6 year program within the four walls of a school; it is a lifelong learning process. The day you stop learning, you start dying (even in significance).

    We can’t continue the blame game, we need to take responsibility now

    These daily practices will help you:

    1. Read
    2. Write
    3. Research
    4. Interact with like minds or people of superior thinking through seminars, free and paid trainings, informal meetings
    5. Learn
    6. Evaluate yourself

    Remember, you are ultimately responsible for your education.

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