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    Written by Strive Masiyiwa

    Make yourself relevant in this world, by being part of its concerns.

    Each one of us has challenges but we are also part of a local community that has challenges, and a city that has challenges, and a country that has challenges, and a continent that has challenges, and a global community that has challenges.

    Whilst being super focused on our own personal and business challenges is important, we must never do so at the expense of, or in lack of interest to, those other challenges—local community, our cities, our country, our continent, and the global community.

    Barack Obama famously said, “We must learn to walk and chew gum at the same time.”

    Expand your horizons, and capacities to be able to be engaged at all these levels, even as you struggle with your own personal and business challenges. This week the world is focused on the greatest challenge we have ever faced as a global community— Climate Change!

    That certain human activity leads to a warming of the planet is a scientific fact, except for those who either cannot understand or refuse to understand basic physics.

    The true battle is how we solve the problem.

    Don’t assume that you are too insignificant and unimportant to be part of the solution. After all, we entrepreneurs will probably solve it—as we always do; but even we cannot do it alone.

    Make yourself part of the debate, and from there, make yourself part of the solution. You can start by taking note of the conversations taking place in Glasgow from 31 October till 12 November.

    Some entrepreneurs are having early success taking citizens to space [where the new astronauts saw and noted just how fragile our earth’s atmosphere appears.

    But make no mistake: there is no Planet B.

    Find ways to make your own voices heard. Find ways to do your part.

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