Meta: WhatsApp launches new updates that facilitate the way you chat

    Apparently the app crash last month forced them to please users with these new features.

    The popular messaging application WhatsApp announced on Tuesday the incorporation of three new updates, two of these are available for the mobile application, while the third is part of the desktop version.

    New functions to WhatsApp

    The recent crash of WhatsApp affected users around the globe. This event was a serious blow to the popularity and market value of the app. However, with the intention of avoiding the migration of users to other platforms, the application has launched new functions that update the messaging experience of users. Here we tell you what each of them consists of.

    Best view for posted links

    When a link is shared with one of your contacts, the preview of the website will occupy a larger image and a larger headline that will facilitate the recipient’s understanding of the shared information before entering the link.

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