Are You Really Educated?

    Written by Ogbo Agbo Ogbo

    OUR inherited colonial education is astonishingly and fantastically useless.

    Otherwise, explain why tens of millions of Nigerian university graduates, after 18-22 years of school (from nursery to university), still sit at home begging for job!!!

    18 wasted years!


    Step 1: Throw away those useless university certificates of yours with its impotent ego!

    Step 2: Unlearn all the useless theoretical knowledge they filled your skull with at school.

    Step 3: Find a MARKETABLE skill that produces tangible product or technical service that people want.

    Step 4: Self re-educate, paying particular attention to character development and soft skills such as communicating effectively and working harmoniously with people.

    Step 5: Apprentice patiently. Learn from masters of your chosen craft. There’s nothing you can’t find online.

    Step 6: Learn SELLING as if your future depends on it, because it does. If you can’t sell yourself and your services, hunger will happily keep you company.

    Step 7: Be patient! You already wasted 18 years of miseducation. It’s going to take some time to reformat and reconfigure your miseducated head.

    Patience is a strategy!!


    Is that 1,000 people will see this practical solution, but only 2 people will actually do it.

    The remaining 998 will continue with the same strategy that has failed them for years – hawking their CVs and complaining about everything.

    If you’re still on LinkedIn begging for job one year from reading this, shame on you and your education!

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