3 People You Should Have In An Establishment.

    Written By Chukwunonso Nzekwe

    The three sets of people that should be in an establishment for things to blossom – The Head(Brain), The Hand and The Leg.

    In a growth centric company, where founders are positioned to recoup investments and scale up in no time, they need to concentrate more on HHL(the Head, the Hand and the Leg). Their importance will be shared below.

    The Head(Brain) – This particular person should understand the vision of the brand, create concepts that align to its vision and will help in its growth and development. This might be short term, mid-term and long-term. He/She is also to oversee the nucleus of the team(As the head does rightly to the human body) and also exhibit a great level of teamwork and people friendly approaches, since he/she manages people.

    The Hand – An idea spoken or shared without being documented is only a fluke and an Imaginary concept. Ideas deliberated on or goals to be achieved need a hand that will better present it to the yearnings of the team. The process, the plans, the purpose and the period. This person is as important as the head, only that the head is the head.

    The Leg – You can brave up Powerful concepts, well crafted and well documented but might not go anywhere towards achievement if you don’t have these sets of people in your team. They are the movers of ideas, they are the access busters, they are the multipliers of visions, they are the marketers and lots more. They are generally the ’most important’ aspect of the company, especially in the eyes of ‘some’ FOUNDERS/INVESTORS.

    In all, these three sets of people can be anyone in the company that you have identified their skillset and goal driven capacity. It is best they are allowed to function maximally in their desired roles.

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