Rich Dad: Robert Kiyosaki is buying Bitcoin and Ether as Inflation bites


    • The prominent Rich Dad Poor Dad writer is purchasing more BTC and ETH amid inflation worries.
    • The fearless author has accused the sitting US leader and Fed of printing more money.

    Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, is purchasing cryptocurrency. His decision is coming from the continuous growth of inflation within the country. The guy believes that BTC and ETH are limited and can not lose value compared to the American dollar.

    Kiyosaki lately took to Twitter to criticize the boom position of the country. He feels the boom punishes the most disadvantaged and lower class—those around the pyramid’s base. Yet, the advantaged enjoy it. It grows them richer.

    Robert Kiyosaki hints at severe inflation, says he is purchasing cryptocurrency

    He added that he is only purchasing gold, cryptocurrency, and estates because of rising costs. The celebrated specialist alluded that the fiat currency loses prestige so fast.

    Kiyosaki is one of the writers of the best seller novel Rich Dad Poor Dad in 1997. The novel has maintained a high position in a leading paper for more than half a decade. So far, the sale records for this novel show close to 32 million copies went on sale. The famous book contains over 51 translations and is available in close to 109 states.

    When Robert tweeted buying Bitcoin and Ethereum, their market cost was $56,257 and $4,238, respectively. This is according to Yet, currently, the market value of BTC is $57,264.26, while Ether is going for $4,294.

    Kiyosaki is not warning about inflation for the first time. He is consistent in giving inflation warnings. Also, he has never shied from advertising BTC and recommending it as an alternative to dollar currency.

    Last month, the renowned author made a tweet targeting US leaders and the Federal Reserve. He accused the presidency of ripping off the disadvantaged. He further guessed that the USA was going through a hard dollar moment. Robert further accused the leader and the Federal Reserve seniors of aiding inflation for their gain. Besides, he claimed that the leader and Fed are corrupt.

    Furthermore, he cited a new wave of inflation that will break the dollar is on its way. Then, a severe depression will follow. As a stop-gap measure, asked people to buy cryptos, silver, or gold.

    In the second quarter of the year, Kiyosaki made another controversial tweet. He accused the Fed of instigating inflation to repay loans at lower dollars. Also, he said the Fed would increase interest rates on loans. As a result, stock markets, bonds, property, and gold will crash.

    The respected author stressed boomer retirement as a big challenge. He touched Social security, medicare, and the “broke” situation. He indicated that the Fed is likely to print some extra fake currency. Thus, the celebrated author holds that investors should focus on cryptocurrencies, silver, and gold.

    Source: Cryptopolitan

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