Leke Alder: The Metaverse

    Metaverse. Of course you’ve heard the term from Facebook. It’s the new buzzword.

    Sounds like some word recently coined for the 21st century but it actually came from a 1992 science fiction novel, Snow Crash. As used by the computing world it’s an immersive virtual reality experience.

    There’s deep interaction. But metaverse is not entirely a new concept. It’s in scriptures. We’re told the Devil took Jesus to the holy city of Jerusalem and perched him at the highest point of the Temple. Metaverse.

    He then took him to the peak of a high mountain, pointing out all the kingdoms of the world. They were his if he bowed down to the Devil. Metaverse. Because Jesus wanted political power the Devil made the temptation real with augmented reality. He simulated future kingdoms… US, Europe, China, Russia, Africa, Middle East… If it ain’t real it ain’t temptation. You can’t tempt an alcoholic with puff puff.A few days ago I was sent video clips of a woman preacher boasting about how she and other devotees of Satan had held meetings with him in New York and other cities.

    I assume that was before her conversion. I smiled. She was in metaverse and she didn’t know it. All those “travels” were augmented reality. Satan is the master of illusion. In the videos she gave the impression of executive retreats in exotic locations around the world. I wonder then why she quit. Going by her testimonial you’d think the Devil is running for boss of the year. She sounded proud of herself. I don’t know the Devil she’s talking about but the one in the Bible is a psychopath. He puts cancer on babies.

    What is interesting is that she never quotes ANY scriptures to support her wild assertions, and she seems to like sex. She’s always talking about it with raw crudity. To be charitable her preaching is splendiferous fabulosity.

    To be uncharitable it’s utter nutter nonsense.You don’t need alternative sources of knowledge to know about the operation of Satan. Just read Ephesians 6:12. The Devil is the father of lies. There’s no truth whatsoever in him. You’re listening to what the Bible calls fables.

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