Bitcoin Nation, El Salvador has bought more 500BTC During the Dip

    Latin American nation, El Salvador, popularly called the Bitcoin nation, simplyintroduced, via its President, Nayib Bukele, that it had bought 500 BTC at a mean price of $30,744 in line with coin. The President tweeted, “El Salvador just bought the dip! 500 BTC at a mean USD fee of ~$30,744 #Bitcoin.”

    They bought after the whole cryptocurrency space was having a bloody Monday, with all tokens dropping 10% and extra as the market continues to sell off after America Federal Reserve handed down its policy decision last week Wednesday.

    This places the overall amount of purchase at approximately $15.4 million by the Latin American nation, which as of last yr, adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender, a move, many global bodies like the IMF frowned against.

    What you ought to know:

    – El Salvador adopted BTC as a legal tender in September 2021, as a method to overcome catastrophic inflation amid the weakening spending power of the nation. Since the adoption of bitcoin as a legal tender, the united states has so far, strategically gathered the flagship cryptocurrency asset.

    – El Salvador adopts a ‘purchase the dip’ methodwith regards toaccumulating Bitcoin. Anytime there’s a fall in theprice of Bitcoin, the President declaresthe accumulation of extra Bitcoin into the nation’s reserve.

    – The most recentpurchase is presently the cheapest acquisition for El Salvador ever since thecountryadopted BTC as a legaltender. With BTC trading at the $30,000 supportzonedue to the marketsell-off, Bukele believes that “a fewmen are sellingwithout a doubt cheap,” supporting his long-time periodvision of mainstream Bitcoin adoption.

    – BTC experienced a steadyupward push in prices from mid-July 2021, which led to an all-time high of almost $69k in the first week of November. However, the next5 months saw a steep decline in marketprices as traders redirected BTC income into shopping forother tokens.

    – The cause for the market decline we’re seeing is due tothe united states Fed increasing its interestcharge to 1%, the biggestincreasesince 2000, as ithanded down its policydecisionlast week Wednesday.

    – We are presently seeing the results of the policy decision made through the federal reserve. The U.S. Fed increase of the interest rate brought approximately a robust dollar index (a measure of the strength of the U.S. dollar).

    – As of the time of this writing, the dollar index is buying and selling at a 20 yr high, presently above 104 basis points.

    – When Bitcoin sneezes, the altcoins trap a chilly and this became precisely what played out yesterday. We noticed a large sell-off in the altcoin market, with many tokens dropping 10% and extra.

    – Nayib Bukele has proposed numerous projects in the country around Bitcoin adoption and mining. The authorities has started construction of the infrastructure to support the state-issued Bitcoin wallet, Chivo, and recently unveiled plans to launch its own Bitcoin City at the bottom of a volcano, funded initially through $1 billion in Bitcoin bonds.

    Since the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender, the Salvadoran authorities has been investing profits in numerous infrastructure improvement projects. In mid-October, the President introduced that the $four million from the income in their Bitcoin Trust might be used to construct a brand new veterinary health center in the capital, San Salvador. Early November, Bukele introduced that the surplus earned from the state’s Bitcoin Trust account might be used for building 20 new schools.

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