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Rochas Okorocha, The Humiliation And Selective Justice


The EFCC officers whisked the embattled former governor away at exactly 06:48 pm in their vehicle after breaking into his living room.

Minutes before the officers broke in, Okorocha, in a live video made on his official Facebook Page, said officers of the commission had broken all his bulletproof doors.

He said, “The EFCC operatives are here with some gunmen and they have broken all my bulletproof doors. This may be my last appearance because I don’t know what they want to do.”

Okorocha and his family members could be seen in the video running around the living room in fear of the officers who were banging on the door leading to the living room.

Earlier on, security operatives accompanying officials of the EFCC shot sporadically to disperse female supporters protesting at the ex-governor’s home in a show of solidarity.

The women had come to protest the continued siege on Okorocha’s residence by the operatives, demanding an end to the siege.

In another video, Okorocha was seen praying ”Come to my rescue. Come and help me my lord and my God” – Senator Okorocha prays as EFCC operatives bang on the door of his bedroom.

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