Nigeria’s Ace Brand Strategist, Cj Benjamin Set To Host Fortune 500 Brand Consultant- Faith James And Other Amazing Speakers For The Brand Summit. May 22nd-27Th 2020

The enterprise formation of the new decade requires not just common sense but intuitive intelligence and a stipend of typical strategy to ride above surging disruptions.

Brands at this time must master certain strategies to remain relevant or fizzle out in no time. The brand summit presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to master unboxed strategies for brand acceleration.


  1. Faith James is recognized as a successful marketing and branding executive in Corporate America. She has over 25+ years experience in the advertising and marketing industry and has received several awards for creating branding and communications campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Mary Kay and Liberty Mutual to name a few.
Faith James

Faith has published articles and blog content on advertising and brand development and speaks frequently at industry shows such as the Advertising Research Federation and The American Marketing Association.

She is a certified Personal Branding Strategist and is the CEO of the Faith James Personal Branding Consultancy, LLC that helps forward-leaning entrepreneurs define their unique brand positioning to help them stand out from their peers and improve their professional reputation in the market place.

She is the Founder of the Annual Branding Over Brunch Personal Branding Workshop Signature Event, the Branding Over Lunch Workshop and Networking sessions and the Branding After Dark Happy Hour and Networking Events.

“Branding is in my blood! It’s what I do and more important, it’s what I love.​”

Faith James, CEO and Chief Brand Strategist at The Personal Branding Consultancy, LLC. Talk with FAITH HERE  

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LaVon Lewis

2. LaVon Lewis, one of the nation’s most respected authorities on branding, design, and marketing, and he is the Co-Founder, President, and Creative Director of Connect Branding, an Atlanta-based, award winning branding and marketing firm. LaVon transforms conceptual ideas into signature brands for companies all over the world. Today, LaVon has earned his way to being one of the most sought-after branding and marketing professionals in the nation as noted by Black Enterprise Magazine.

LaVon founded his first company in a dorm room at his alma mater at the tender age of 19 with his business partner and CONNECT BRANDING, Co-Founder, Sherrod Shackelford. Upon graduation and submitting numerous resumes and applications, Mr. Lewis was rejected from more than 25 different employers. Despite the obstacles that were placed along his path, his ambition, passion and vision superseded his lack of experience, finances and business support. With his goal clearly in view, LaVon has led creative direction for several Fortune 100 companies and thousands of small businesses. LaVon was recently named one of Atlanta’s Top 25 Rising Stars.

Today, with over twenty years of business achievements under his business belt, LaVon Lewis and the CONNECT BRANDING team have amassed over 50 awards worldwide (i.e. U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Technology Firm of the Year, Golden Addy, GMSDC Supplier of the Year and Entrepreneur Of The Year) and have garnished a business clientele portfolio that boasts of the countries Who’s Who in business and entertainment (SeaWorld, Panasonic, The Home Depot, Wal-Mart, AT&T, and Coca-Cola, to name a few).

In addition to his business successes, Mr. Lewis is also an author with his book, “Today is a Great Day for a WOW Image!” which has been a great resource for business owners and aspiring business professionals alike. With his vast knowledge of the marketing genre, LaVon has not only been featured in several publications, websites and TV shows such as and ABC to name a few, but he has also joined the ranks of the most sought-after public speakers of our time, hosting and headlining conferences, seminars and workshops in addition to Co-Founding the Make Them Buy Marketing and Branding Boot camps

3. Keshia M. White: Keshia help high-achieving, visionary women who want to build coaching, consulting, or service-based businesses create the foundation that they need to monetize their expertise and attract more high paying clients.

Before diving into her business full time, she acquired corporate experience working with a leading provider of marketing automation software, offering small business owners creative strategies to grow their business and impact. So, She brings with her nearly a decade of specialized knowledge that informs the branding and business strategies that she offer her clients.

She’s worked with dozens of happy clients who have attracted high-end clients and lucrative opportunities as a result of her work. And She’s passionate about mixing creativity, business strategy and problem solving to serve clients.

She’s partnered with Adobe to work on national design projects multiple times.She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Tuskegee University. And she has used her expertise to replace her corporate income by monetizing her own skills online with a service-based business during her first year full-time.

Jacqueline Young-Landi

4. Jacqueline Young-Landi: Jacque is one of Florida’s best fashion personality, her passion for all things fashion and design is something that has been ingrained in her soul since 5 years old. Her great gran was a woman of bespoke style and taught her to cut patterns and sew. Her dolls were the best dressed in the neighborhood! She also taught her that a woman should always feel and look her best…no matter what. Her philosophy was that every woman needs to have a mirror at their front door and as you are walking out take a glance at your image and if you don’t feel like you could have tea with the Queen then go back and change. She’s taken this to heart and it’s a philosophy that she brings to her own life and for every client. She’s the Ceo of the JYL brand, an image and Lifestyle Brand in Stuart, Florida.

5. Blessed S. Agyemang: She’s unarguably Ghana’s best Image brand HACK! A woman who believes you can be who you were put on earth to be, all the answers lies within yourself – the unique brand called you – keeps training to assist others to attain excellence in appearance , behaviour and communication – image and brand

Passionate about helping people be the best they can be – decreasing the numbers of untapped potential

A God fearing, highly focused and self – motivated, energetic, results oriented individual who likes to finish what she starts. Quite organized with the tendency to work extremely well under pressure.

Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.

An innovative problem solver with the demonstrated ability to acquire technical knowledge and skills rapidly.

A team player with the ability to interface well with cross-functional teams; quite persuasive yet corporative with good listening and people skills.

Blessed loves to motivate others towards the attainment of a goal. She values integrity and excellence.

She has the ability to prioritize workload while maintaining attention to detail. She is culturally aware and have the ability to think and work globally.

Lastly, Blessed is very adaptable and flexible with the desire to learn, know and do more. She does quite well at teaching herself new skills and working with little or no supervision and have a proven ability to transfer her knowledge and past experiences to new areas successfully.

Meet the Host Cj Benjamin

Event Date: 22ND-27TH MAY, 2020

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